El Herradón is worth the visit to gaze upon such a lovely village which has carried on with a strong, religious tradition for generations. This can be appreciated in every religious construction all over the region. There is also a hermitage devoted to San Peter from Alcántara in the site named “La Muela” which is currently closed. The legend tells that a child fell into a well. Saint Peter saved him from drowning inside and, to prevent more people from falling again inside, the well is closed inside the temple. Another story tells that during the Spanish Civil War a soldier took an eye and cut an arm off a statue of Saint Peter; for his actions, that soldier received the same fate.

The elderly of the village tell that long ago the village was located elsewhere, but for one reason or another, it had to be moved to its current location:

- Some say there were some lizards that poisoned the water. - Others say that the current position has more water and that it is less cold.